04 April 2012

Can you make me a bean bag?

Poopy has spring break this week, so not only am i babysitting WeeWee... i've got the little Poop, too. It's been... well, it's been.

Yesterday, i asked the girls to make some more Easter cards because Namma wants to send them out. It was fine at first. They put some stickers on the cards Namma had already cut out for them. But when i reminded them that it would be nice to color on them a little bit, well... "Ugh... I don't want to..." "I'm hungry!" And other pouts.

As they complained, i pulled out a bean bag i made a couple years ago. We'd had a rough morning, and i needed something in my hands that i could squeeze when those whiny, little voices showed up again. Because they always do. Especially since Poopy took it upon herself to wake WeeWee up early from her nap.

WeeWee heard the corn and raced over to see what i had and to ask if she could have one, too. I told her it's a bean bag, and that she already had one. "Yeah, but i lost it." Of course you lost it. By 'lost' she really means 'misplaced', but... yesterday, i was more in the mood to just sew her a new one than try to find it in their roomjungle.

She picked out some Disney Princess flannel, and as i was putting the other fabric back, she pointed at a different pattern and said, "And when i lose this one, i want that one."

Um... no, no. That's not how it works.

Out of Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White, she chose Belle and Aurora. So. Her new bean bag.
Don't their eyes look the littlest bit psychotic?
I told her she had to make a few more cards before i would give her the bean bag. Pout. It was like pulling teeth getting her to put stickers on a card... which is one of her favorite things. And forget about the crayons. Because she was pouting instead of making the cards, i made her watch me take these pictures before she could play with it.

Then i looked down and found this...
"Did you bite this??" I almost laughed. I definitely was smiling.
"No!" She wasn't.
"WeeWee. I can see that you did. Why did you bite it?"
Still incredibly frustrated, "Because! I had to put a sticker on it!"

 I recently was invited to the Invite Your Partner swap on Craftster. One of the things i sent will be featured on here soon. But, since it involves Conan, i will wait until April 18th... our birthday. :)

Time for some earl grey and post-nap grapes.

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