17 April 2012

Jack's Baby Palace

My sister-in-law had some acupuncture done a couple weeks ago, and the acupuncturist (really have no idea if that is a real word) kept talking about chi and turning her uterus into a baby palace.

And i will never think of a womb the same way again.

My sister, Mindy -- the pregnant one, came home to visit this weekend. She could not have chosen a better weekend. It was gorgeous. As we drove home from church on Sunday, i just sat there soaking in all of those beautiful spring colors that can only happen in nature. Beautiful blue sky. Bright green grass. White buds on the trees. Bright pink, yellow, and purple all over the ground. It was amazing.

Two weeks ago, i babysat both WeeWee and Poopy. Which, in small increments, is fine. But all day everyday for a week is a bit overwhelming with two highly-energized little balls of fury.

I honestly do not know how my mom handled six children.

To keep the little girls busy -- in a productive sort of way, i let them paint a maternity shirt for Mindy. They each took one side and painted and painted and painted.

This is WeeWee's side.
WeeWee is a little more abstract than her older sister. She just doodled a whole lot. I helped her draw the heart. The green dots reminded me of Hawaii. And as soon as i pointed that out, Poopy needed to add Hawaii to her side.

And Poopy's side.
Kaiya's drawing skills are a little more refined. The people, from right to left, are: Mindy, baby Dunkaroo, Justin with a mohawk, Dunkaroo when he/she is 4, and Dunkaroo when he/she is 5. Above that, she wrote "I <3 Mindy" and drew Hawaii.

Their shirt is in a league all its own. The shirt i painted for Mindy comes nowhere close.

Look at that sweet Nitro font.
Aww... Aren't pregnant girls adorable?

Since i call the baby jack, i kind of wanted to write, "hi! my name is Jack" on the shirt, but i'm pretty sure Mindy prefers Dunkaroo Big Bird Nitro.


That's okay, though, because it was an excuse to find a super sweet Nitro font.

Because i'm obsessed with knitting two-toners, i made one for Jack. I was going to wait until whenever the baby shower is, but then we were in the car on the way to the airport, and i just threw it at Mindy. Who wraps gifts anymore? Just throw them at people.

And a couple hours later, i got a haircut. Is there a better feeling than getting a haircut? I'm not sure.


  1. hahahaha i like the idea of just throwing gifts. whats a bigger suprise than throwing it anyway?
    and both shirts are super cute!

  2. That skirt is so special. What a fun project for all involved, including the lucky recipient :).

    I need a haircut SOOOOO bad!!

    1. That's the only drawback to having short hair... needing a haircut all the time. :)

  3. This blog makes me happy. Thank you for making my shirt and having the girls make one.