About Angie

I'm going to be so cliche right now and start by telling you i don't know what to say/i don't know how to talk about myself.

Here we go.

My name is Angie, and i am 25 years old.

I am the fourth child of six. Making me the younger middle child, but i am also the middle girl, so i am the most middle child.

Baking is truly my first love.

I love arts and crafts. I sketch a lot. I love to sew, knit, and crochet.

Sewing is my first crafty love.

I believe in Oxford commas.

I love color. I love to color.

I love to travel.

My mom is very crafty. Especially when i was growing up. We would play with shrinky dinks, polymer clay, make fabric wreaths by stabbing fabric squares into pre-made wreaths with screwdrivers... oh, and lots of hot glue.

As a kid, Sunday afternoons were the best. After church, i would either invite myself to a friend's house, a friend would invite herself over, or i would go to my aunt and uncle's for burritos, Mountain Dew, Shirley Temple movies, and lots of crafting. They taught me to sew.

I have 4 tattoos. That spool. A banana, named Neil Patrick Harris. A mustache, named Clarky. A duck, named Coach Gordom Bombay.

I once flew down to California to go to a Jonas Brothers concert with my friends. That was two years ago.

Well, i think i'll stop now. That'll do, Pig.

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  1. ahaahahah my family always says "that'll do pig"
    you should put pix of all your tats up