25 April 2012

Silver, Blue, Orange

I've been 25 for 7 days now.

Guess what i found 2 days ago.

A grey hair.

I was getting ready to head to my brother's house when i looked in the mirror and saw this shiny, silver string on my head. Except i knew it wasn't string. It was a hair.

Which is fine. I think silver hair is beautiful. But right after my birthday? I mean... the timing...


I went to a birthday party on Sunday for one of my favorite little girls, Miss P. She loves me, but she'll never admit it out loud. She shows her love through the stink eye and pushing me away.

A while back, i made P's mom a huge bag out of some really cool shark flannel i'd found.

When she asked me to make P a matching purse, i checked my stash to see if i had any left. Lo and behold, i had a small piece. Perfect for a P-sized purse.

I love mixing colors, and right away i wanted to line the purse with hot pink. It was for a little girl, after all.

Then i was thinking about what i could do for the straps. I didn't have enough of the shark material, so i went back to my flannel, and the orange just jumped out at me. I don't know if i've mentioned my current obsession with blue and orange together (it reminds me of String Thing)... but i had to do it. I could not get it out of my mind.

Luckily, P's mom is super cool and loved the idea.

I'd never put a zipper on a purse before, only on small pouches... which i'd sewn all by hand. My bags are usually kind of just tote bags... so putting the zipper in was a bit of a challenge, but i'm glad she asked for a zipper. Because now i can't stop.

18 April 2012

It's my birthday, and WeeWee will cry if she wants to.

That was not originally going to be the title of my birthday blog post.

I was going to start with a picture of a quarter because i am now a quarter of a century.

I know. Super clever, right?

We were having such a good morning. Kalia woke me up with a card she'd made for me. We went downstairs and had breakfast. She ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and i made some maple brown sugar oatmeal with cinnamon. We love our cinnamon.

We went upstairs and finished a fairy tale movie we'd started yesterday. She pulled out Pay Day, and we played for three months.
I no joke, landed on every single mailbox in the second month. And got bills every single time.

Merry freakin' birthday.

When we finished, she said she was hungry for applesauce. "Can i have cinnamon?" Yes. Of course i will put cinnamon on your applesauce. I realized it was lunchtime, so i asked her what she wanted for lunch.

Then the pouting started. She didn't want lunch. She wanted applesauce. And it just went downhill from there. She started crying. I couldn't calm her down.

That's when i heard, "I'm sad because i ruined your birthday!"

You hadn't, but that little outburst almost did it. Thank goodness for nap time.
I took some time to exercise a little bit (i love the fitness section ondemand. I think i'd like to marry Robert Jones.)... which is when i realized how matchy matchy i am right now. Matching stresses me out.

This was a mistake.

After my date with Robert Jones, i sat down to watch a little Doctor Who...

Did you know today is also David Tennant's birthday?
We were meant for each other. <3

Guess who else also shares our birthday... That's right. Conan O'Brien. The true love of my life.

Maybe you'll remember a few posts back, i mentioned having something to share, but i was saving it for our birthday? Well, here we are.

I was invited to swap with the super cool hgddm over on Craftster, and we share a love of things yarn and Conan-related.

Specifically, Ice Cream Conan.

I'm by no means a master crocheter. But i do kind of know my way around a hook. So, i set out to figure out how to make an Ice Cream Conan.

Not terrible.

Let's just say a lot of trial and error went into this little guy, but i'm pleased with the results.

Oh, and here he is with his best friend, Fat Yeti.

Ice Cream Conan + Fat Yeti = BFF

Time to make some birthday cake! If all goes well, birthday cake will be purple with marshmallow filling and maple brown sugar meringue buttercream. Good thing i worked out. Kind of.

Happy birthday, Conan O'Brien.
Happy birthday, David Tennant.
Happy birthday, me!

17 April 2012

Jack's Baby Palace

My sister-in-law had some acupuncture done a couple weeks ago, and the acupuncturist (really have no idea if that is a real word) kept talking about chi and turning her uterus into a baby palace.

And i will never think of a womb the same way again.

My sister, Mindy -- the pregnant one, came home to visit this weekend. She could not have chosen a better weekend. It was gorgeous. As we drove home from church on Sunday, i just sat there soaking in all of those beautiful spring colors that can only happen in nature. Beautiful blue sky. Bright green grass. White buds on the trees. Bright pink, yellow, and purple all over the ground. It was amazing.

Two weeks ago, i babysat both WeeWee and Poopy. Which, in small increments, is fine. But all day everyday for a week is a bit overwhelming with two highly-energized little balls of fury.

I honestly do not know how my mom handled six children.

To keep the little girls busy -- in a productive sort of way, i let them paint a maternity shirt for Mindy. They each took one side and painted and painted and painted.

This is WeeWee's side.
WeeWee is a little more abstract than her older sister. She just doodled a whole lot. I helped her draw the heart. The green dots reminded me of Hawaii. And as soon as i pointed that out, Poopy needed to add Hawaii to her side.

And Poopy's side.
Kaiya's drawing skills are a little more refined. The people, from right to left, are: Mindy, baby Dunkaroo, Justin with a mohawk, Dunkaroo when he/she is 4, and Dunkaroo when he/she is 5. Above that, she wrote "I <3 Mindy" and drew Hawaii.

Their shirt is in a league all its own. The shirt i painted for Mindy comes nowhere close.

Look at that sweet Nitro font.
Aww... Aren't pregnant girls adorable?

Since i call the baby jack, i kind of wanted to write, "hi! my name is Jack" on the shirt, but i'm pretty sure Mindy prefers Dunkaroo Big Bird Nitro.


That's okay, though, because it was an excuse to find a super sweet Nitro font.

Because i'm obsessed with knitting two-toners, i made one for Jack. I was going to wait until whenever the baby shower is, but then we were in the car on the way to the airport, and i just threw it at Mindy. Who wraps gifts anymore? Just throw them at people.

And a couple hours later, i got a haircut. Is there a better feeling than getting a haircut? I'm not sure.

12 April 2012


For the first time a few days ago, somebody asked me how old i was, and i answered, "Almost 25." 25.

I know 25 isn't old. I know that. But... this is a landmark birthday.

I don't want to think about that right now. Instead, i'll just let you all know that i've made up a coupon code for  bananaleg designs! Until April 25th (which is one week after my birthday, i didn't choose that day because it's the 25th), use the code BANANA25 to get 25% off (that part was on purpose) your purchase.

Once more without the parentheses.

Until April 25th, use coupon code BANANA25 to get 25% off your purchase at bananaleg designs.

In other news, i started a facebook fan page. I don't like that it's called a 'fan' page. But if you are on facebook, and you feel compelled to check it out and 'like' it... i would like that.

In other other news, look at this elephant i made!

Isn't he super cute?

I used this pattern on Lion Brand's site. Easy peasy.

His lopsidedness adds character.

09 April 2012

bananaleg designs and @bananalegdesign

My new etsy is up and running! You should probably check it out and buy something. Just joshin'. But, really, please go have a look. I've named it "bananaleg designs".

Oh, and i'm on Twitter. @bananalegdesign
That's right. That last 's' was just one too many letters... Whatever, Twitter. Whatever.

For now, my shop has four hats (i call them Two-Toners) and five ovarian cancer awareness coffee cup cozies.
As you can see, these are the cozies. Because there are five.

 And these lovelies are the Two-Toners! (Future band name. Dibs.)
Black and Grey.
Grey and Blue.
Gold and Crimson. Uh, Gryffindor. Am i right?
My absolute favorite: String Thing.
I just like this shot.

So... that's all for now. I've been on this computer for too long. I need to go make something now. Check out bananaleg designs and let me know what you think. (If you're awesome with banners and things, i would love a real, professional-looking one. Wink.) Oh, and follow me on Twitter. I'm sure i'll be posting lots of fun and exciting things.

04 April 2012

Can you make me a bean bag?

Poopy has spring break this week, so not only am i babysitting WeeWee... i've got the little Poop, too. It's been... well, it's been.

Yesterday, i asked the girls to make some more Easter cards because Namma wants to send them out. It was fine at first. They put some stickers on the cards Namma had already cut out for them. But when i reminded them that it would be nice to color on them a little bit, well... "Ugh... I don't want to..." "I'm hungry!" And other pouts.

As they complained, i pulled out a bean bag i made a couple years ago. We'd had a rough morning, and i needed something in my hands that i could squeeze when those whiny, little voices showed up again. Because they always do. Especially since Poopy took it upon herself to wake WeeWee up early from her nap.

WeeWee heard the corn and raced over to see what i had and to ask if she could have one, too. I told her it's a bean bag, and that she already had one. "Yeah, but i lost it." Of course you lost it. By 'lost' she really means 'misplaced', but... yesterday, i was more in the mood to just sew her a new one than try to find it in their roomjungle.

She picked out some Disney Princess flannel, and as i was putting the other fabric back, she pointed at a different pattern and said, "And when i lose this one, i want that one."

Um... no, no. That's not how it works.

Out of Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White, she chose Belle and Aurora. So. Her new bean bag.
Don't their eyes look the littlest bit psychotic?
I told her she had to make a few more cards before i would give her the bean bag. Pout. It was like pulling teeth getting her to put stickers on a card... which is one of her favorite things. And forget about the crayons. Because she was pouting instead of making the cards, i made her watch me take these pictures before she could play with it.

Then i looked down and found this...
"Did you bite this??" I almost laughed. I definitely was smiling.
"No!" She wasn't.
"WeeWee. I can see that you did. Why did you bite it?"
Still incredibly frustrated, "Because! I had to put a sticker on it!"

 I recently was invited to the Invite Your Partner swap on Craftster. One of the things i sent will be featured on here soon. But, since it involves Conan, i will wait until April 18th... our birthday. :)

Time for some earl grey and post-nap grapes.