25 April 2012

Silver, Blue, Orange

I've been 25 for 7 days now.

Guess what i found 2 days ago.

A grey hair.

I was getting ready to head to my brother's house when i looked in the mirror and saw this shiny, silver string on my head. Except i knew it wasn't string. It was a hair.

Which is fine. I think silver hair is beautiful. But right after my birthday? I mean... the timing...


I went to a birthday party on Sunday for one of my favorite little girls, Miss P. She loves me, but she'll never admit it out loud. She shows her love through the stink eye and pushing me away.

A while back, i made P's mom a huge bag out of some really cool shark flannel i'd found.

When she asked me to make P a matching purse, i checked my stash to see if i had any left. Lo and behold, i had a small piece. Perfect for a P-sized purse.

I love mixing colors, and right away i wanted to line the purse with hot pink. It was for a little girl, after all.

Then i was thinking about what i could do for the straps. I didn't have enough of the shark material, so i went back to my flannel, and the orange just jumped out at me. I don't know if i've mentioned my current obsession with blue and orange together (it reminds me of String Thing)... but i had to do it. I could not get it out of my mind.

Luckily, P's mom is super cool and loved the idea.

I'd never put a zipper on a purse before, only on small pouches... which i'd sewn all by hand. My bags are usually kind of just tote bags... so putting the zipper in was a bit of a challenge, but i'm glad she asked for a zipper. Because now i can't stop.


  1. i love all those colors together =)
    very cute

  2. That's one of my favorite color pairings!

    Don't worry about the sliver hair. I had to pluck a hair from chin the other day!! That is so much worse :). Ugh.