12 April 2012


For the first time a few days ago, somebody asked me how old i was, and i answered, "Almost 25." 25.

I know 25 isn't old. I know that. But... this is a landmark birthday.

I don't want to think about that right now. Instead, i'll just let you all know that i've made up a coupon code for  bananaleg designs! Until April 25th (which is one week after my birthday, i didn't choose that day because it's the 25th), use the code BANANA25 to get 25% off (that part was on purpose) your purchase.

Once more without the parentheses.

Until April 25th, use coupon code BANANA25 to get 25% off your purchase at bananaleg designs.

In other news, i started a facebook fan page. I don't like that it's called a 'fan' page. But if you are on facebook, and you feel compelled to check it out and 'like' it... i would like that.

In other other news, look at this elephant i made!

Isn't he super cute?

I used this pattern on Lion Brand's site. Easy peasy.

His lopsidedness adds character.


  1. the elephant is super cute but i doubt its easy peasy for someone as untalented with yarn as me =P i liked your page on fb

    about the 25 thing... i went thru a minor mid life crisis last august when i hit the big two five. i was all crazy about being a quarter of a century. i totally get what your saying. its not like we're ancient but its a crazy age when you really ponder it

    itll pass then well be okay until 30 rolls around =P

  2. Totally. It's just one of those milestones that seems so far away, and then there it is.