09 April 2012

bananaleg designs and @bananalegdesign

My new etsy is up and running! You should probably check it out and buy something. Just joshin'. But, really, please go have a look. I've named it "bananaleg designs".

Oh, and i'm on Twitter. @bananalegdesign
That's right. That last 's' was just one too many letters... Whatever, Twitter. Whatever.

For now, my shop has four hats (i call them Two-Toners) and five ovarian cancer awareness coffee cup cozies.
As you can see, these are the cozies. Because there are five.

 And these lovelies are the Two-Toners! (Future band name. Dibs.)
Black and Grey.
Grey and Blue.
Gold and Crimson. Uh, Gryffindor. Am i right?
My absolute favorite: String Thing.
I just like this shot.

So... that's all for now. I've been on this computer for too long. I need to go make something now. Check out bananaleg designs and let me know what you think. (If you're awesome with banners and things, i would love a real, professional-looking one. Wink.) Oh, and follow me on Twitter. I'm sure i'll be posting lots of fun and exciting things.


  1. You've been busy! Love the two-toners :).

  2. congrats on settling on a name =) im sure youll do well, you make awesome stuff!

  3. p.s. just checked out you etsy and i like your banner design!