18 April 2012

It's my birthday, and WeeWee will cry if she wants to.

That was not originally going to be the title of my birthday blog post.

I was going to start with a picture of a quarter because i am now a quarter of a century.

I know. Super clever, right?

We were having such a good morning. Kalia woke me up with a card she'd made for me. We went downstairs and had breakfast. She ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and i made some maple brown sugar oatmeal with cinnamon. We love our cinnamon.

We went upstairs and finished a fairy tale movie we'd started yesterday. She pulled out Pay Day, and we played for three months.
I no joke, landed on every single mailbox in the second month. And got bills every single time.

Merry freakin' birthday.

When we finished, she said she was hungry for applesauce. "Can i have cinnamon?" Yes. Of course i will put cinnamon on your applesauce. I realized it was lunchtime, so i asked her what she wanted for lunch.

Then the pouting started. She didn't want lunch. She wanted applesauce. And it just went downhill from there. She started crying. I couldn't calm her down.

That's when i heard, "I'm sad because i ruined your birthday!"

You hadn't, but that little outburst almost did it. Thank goodness for nap time.
I took some time to exercise a little bit (i love the fitness section ondemand. I think i'd like to marry Robert Jones.)... which is when i realized how matchy matchy i am right now. Matching stresses me out.

This was a mistake.

After my date with Robert Jones, i sat down to watch a little Doctor Who...

Did you know today is also David Tennant's birthday?
We were meant for each other. <3

Guess who else also shares our birthday... That's right. Conan O'Brien. The true love of my life.

Maybe you'll remember a few posts back, i mentioned having something to share, but i was saving it for our birthday? Well, here we are.

I was invited to swap with the super cool hgddm over on Craftster, and we share a love of things yarn and Conan-related.

Specifically, Ice Cream Conan.

I'm by no means a master crocheter. But i do kind of know my way around a hook. So, i set out to figure out how to make an Ice Cream Conan.

Not terrible.

Let's just say a lot of trial and error went into this little guy, but i'm pleased with the results.

Oh, and here he is with his best friend, Fat Yeti.

Ice Cream Conan + Fat Yeti = BFF

Time to make some birthday cake! If all goes well, birthday cake will be purple with marshmallow filling and maple brown sugar meringue buttercream. Good thing i worked out. Kind of.

Happy birthday, Conan O'Brien.
Happy birthday, David Tennant.
Happy birthday, me!


  1. happy birthday sweetie! welcome to the next quarter <3 hope the rest of your day was meltdown free and that your cake was as scrumptious as it sounds!

  2. Happy birthday! How awesome that your birthday is the same as Conan and 10. I have two friends and a grandpa that also have this birthday. Hope it was great (and that the applesauce went down smoothly).