21 October 2012

Twilight Weather

I just got back from a walk, and i had to write about it.

I was supposed to leave Texas on the 17th to go back home, but my sister, the new mom, wasn't ready for me to leave. So here i am, on the 21st, still in Texas.

We went for a walk tonight, and it felt so good outside.

The sun was just setting, twilight was settling in. If I'd closed my eyes, i could have been on Kaua'i. Of course, there are no palm trees here, or beaches -- and by beaches, i mean ocean, and by ocean, i mean two minutes walking distance to the ocean.

It was barely almost just too hot for a light jacket but still perfectly comfortable if you had one on.

There was a breeze, and the trees were rustling.

It was, to put it quite plainly, perfect.

Now we're back inside, and I'm stirring pudding on the stove, grateful i got to come to Texas and help coach my sister through the birth of my nephew and get some of this twilight weather.

But let me tell you something. I can't wait to get back home to that beautiful sweater weather.

Besides, I've got a craft fair coming up.

1 comment:

  1. We just had a big thunder storm on my side of Texas, no evening walks her tonight =)
    congrats you your sister on baby Jack finally coming out to play
    and congrats to you on becoming an auntie all over again