28 September 2012

Texas Fall 2012

I am back in Texas. I've just downloaded the blogger app in hopes that it will get me to blog more often... And maybe not ramble quite so much.

I am working on stuff for the Doctor Who swap on Craftster. The send out day is Monday, and i do not know if I'm going to make it... I doubt my partner will see this post, but just in case, i can't post anything about what I'm making yet. Let's just say the most important and time-consuming project... is about to send me over the edge. The size is just... off, and i don't know if my heart can handle starting over. Not to mention, i really don't think i have the time. I'm powering on, though, and crossing all my fingers and toes that i can pull this off.

I brought a few more presents for Jack. A camouflage shirt, for example, because my brother-in-law is in the Army.

He's due in 6 days, but we would all be fine if he decided to come out and play now.


  1. Good luck on your final swap push!! You can do it :).

    Very cute sweater - perfect for an army baby!

  2. i love the camo sweater! super cool