18 September 2012

Teal and Dia

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

When i was two and a half years old, my grandma, Dia, lost her battle with ovarian cancer. I was too young to remember her. In fact, my first memory... is of being at her funeral.

But i have always felt close to her. My middle name, Kathryn, was her middle name. I love my middle name, and i love that we share it. I get to hear stories about her, and every time i hear one, it makes me smile. The smile soon fades, though, because i think about how i never got to know her for myself.

I don't know what her hugs felt like. I don't know what her voice sounded like. I don't know what she smelled like.

And all because of some stupid cancer.

Ovarian cancer is called the silent killer. It is the 9th most common cancer in women and the 5th cause of cancer-related death in women.
(Learn more at Ovarian Cancer National Alliance: http://www.ovariancancer.org/ )

This is why teal is such an important color to me. It is the color of ovarian cancer awareness.
And Dia is why i keep making teal things.

September is over half gone now, but i'm holding out hope that i can sell at least one teal item before the month is over, so i can have a little extra something to donate.

Also. I put together a treasury of ovarian cancer/teal items over on Etsy. It's really cool, i think you should all check it out. Teal for Ovarian Cancer.

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  1. Stupid cancer!! This is a sweet way to remember your Grandma.