27 March 2012

Winner! And Dunkaroo Big Bird

Okay, so the super cool Lime over at Lime Riot had an awesome giveaway recently.

Guess who won.


You probably guessed that from the title.

Look at all the cool stuff i got! (By the way, i'm stealing her picture because it's so pretty.)

Thanks for the picture, Lime!

I will post my photo of a few of my favorites.

1. The Addi TURBO needles. I'm really excited to increase my knitting speed.
2. BINGO is a big deal in my family. Big deal. And everybody knows the best BINGO cards have B4 and B9. It's just fact. (Okay, maybe that is just me.)
3. Now that i can finally tell people that MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!... that little baby carriage image may just come in handy pretty soon.
4. I love that it was all packaged in lime green tissue paper.

Oh, by the way... Everybody meet Jack. Or as my nieces call him: Dunkaroo Big Bird.
This is my favorite because he looks like a goat.
We don't know if Jack is a boy or girl yet. Also, Jack is my name for the little goat baby. Not my sister's.


  1. Congratulations on Dunkaroo Big Bird!! That is crazy exciting!!

    I'm glad everything arrived safely. Have fun!!

  2. congrats! another lucky munchkin with you as an awesome aunt <3