16 March 2012

Delicious Drinkage

The past couples days i've just wanted some good drinkage. Don't get me wrong. Water is amazing drinkage. It's perfect, really. To anybody who doesn't like water... you're a doofus. No offense.

Yesterday, i made myself some butterbeer. Most recipes are for 4 servings. Who has two thumbs and likes to figure out what 1/4 of each measurement is? This girl. There was so little of everything, i had to warm it up in a measuring cup. Luckily, we just so happen to have a measuring cup that is basically a tiny saucepan. The saucepan people must have known i would be making butterbeer one day.

Butterbeer should always be served in a stein.
I used the recipe from Pastry Affair, and i totally plan on making her butterbeer cupcakes one of these days. It was delicious. Although... i don't think i'll go with apple cider vinegar next time. Despite hardly using any, it was still pretty obvious that it was in there. But. Still amahzing.

Like my stein? So do i.

Today, i decided to bust out the ol' espresso maker. This thing has always been a pain in my arse. But... i decided to give it another go. And despite my shots having zero crema (yeah, i know words like crema), they came out a hundred times better than they ever have before. And hey, that's good enough for me.

I used some of my mom's Ghirardelli white chocolate powder (shh, don't tell her) and Pioneer Woman's caramel sauce to make my own Mythical Mocha. (If you don't know what that is, i feel sorry that you... for you clearly do not have a BigFoot Java near you and deserve my pity. But for those of you who don't, it's a caramel white mocha.)

And, uh... it is scrumptious.

Oh, look at that. My very own BigFoot tumbler!
And this caramel sauce... This caramel sauce, Francine. Oh, my gosh, this caramel sauce, oh, my gosh.

Thank you, Pioneer Woman. I love you. Too soon? Why do i always do that?


  1. How do I not know what a Mythical Mocha is?? That sounds amazing. We actually don't have any BigFoots near us. I see them when we head North or South but the city seems to be lacking them. Booo.

    Oh hey, PS - you won my favorite things giveaway! ;). Shoot me an email with your address when you get a chance (limeriot@gmail). I'm so happy you won!!

    1. No way! That's awesome! Emailing you now!

      Next time you pass BigFoot, you should definitely stop and get something.

  2. I would do ANYTHING for a Mythical Mocha right now. I LOVE Washington.. but sadly, I live in hot and sunny Hawaii.. Oh how I miss the rainy state with LEGIT 4 seasons and that cold climate.. Not to mention BIG FOOT JAVA! The day I tried it changed my LIFE! I could never look at another Starbucks the same way again.. Its Big Foot Java or nothing! Now that I'm back in my home state, I've been craving for a Mythical Mocha.. THE FIRST drink I ordered and fell in love with. I know its not the same and to some would consider a disgrace/betrayal BUT I've been trying to recreate the drink... at Starbucks. PLEASE help me out! I wanna get it close enough to satisfy my thirst! Until I move to Washington, this will have to do.
    Have any idea on where I could start?
    I'd love the help! Thank you!
    You could reach me at mr_razo9@hotmail.com

  3. I love big foot java and miss it soooo much. My favorite drink was the mythical mocha!! Sadly I am in Az with no big foot java in sight. Hey could someone open a big foot java stand here in San Tan valley ,Az. That would be a dream!!! Miss you so