05 March 2012

Red Vines Mitts: The Pattern

Since posting my Red Vines Fingerless Mitts on Craftster, i've had a few people ask for a pattern. Which is a huge compliment.

And now i'm super happy to say i've written my first actual pattern and put it in my Ravelry "shop"... which isn't exactly much of a shop yet. But it is available for... download now! (That's the link they gave me, complete with demands to "download now".) If you'd just like to see the Ravelry page, click here.

After that whole, huge ordeal (i could not, for the life of me, figure out how to upload the dang pdf to Ravelry for days... turns out it's super simple), i think i'll post photos of my niece and our projects for the day: collages.

I found out today that Nick is her favorite Jonas.
Check out WeeWee's superior photog skills.
Sweet tat.
Ah, naptime. The best part of the day. No offense, Ween bean.

Oh, and yes. Kevin is my favorite Jonas.

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