25 February 2012

Fact: I Do Things

I always have this problem of not knowing what to write about.

So, i thought i would just post some pictures of some things i do/have been doing.

"But you promised we'd go hiking!"
When my brother is home from college, we watch American Dad together just about everyday. When he's not home, i watch it by myself and take pictures when the characters (mostly Roger the alien) say funny things. Which is a lot. And if my brother is annoyed by all of them, he doesn't say anything. Nice brother.

"Stop, stop, stooop! You do know the competition's tomorrow, don't you?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Okay. Okay, good. Then why are you skating like a wiener!!"

We think the word wiener is funny.

I play Pauseface. It's that thing of when you press pause on the show or movie you're watching and take pictures of the funny faces the people are making, or what i like to call 'pauseface'.

I like to knit without patterns. I like to just cast on and knit and see what happens. I like to use the yarn i have to pair up colors that maybe i wouldn't have thought to before. And i love to knit hats.

Some people know me as bananaleg. Felt bananas
Panda sleep mask.
I join swaps on Craftster. And those are some of the things i've recently sent off to swap partners.

I like to watch Misfits and knit. I love Uncle Rudy.


  1. i totally love when you pause and someone looks goofy. sometimes i sit and laugh so hard that i need to contain myself before i can finish enjoying the movie hahaha

  2. Ahhh, can't wait to see me some more Roger and pausefaces.!! LOVE

  3. I play pauseface still. Justin says I'm very good at it. We should have a pauseface showdown. :)