13 February 2012

Red Vines Fingerless Mitts

Last year, i was in an A Very Potter Musical / Sequel swap on Craftster. If you've never watched AVPM/AVPS, but are a fan of Harry Potter, parody, and/or musicals... you really should check it out.

In AVPM/S, Ron and Harry are always snacking. Their favorite snack is Red Vines. Every time they eat them, it's like a little commercial. Always making sure the camera and the audience can see the packaging. In fact, Red Vines are so amazing, that when Ron loses his wand in the sequel, he is able to use a Red Vine in its place. Then he looks to the camera and says, "Red Vines: What the hell can't they do?"

It might not need saying, but that was my partner's and my favorite quote.

I really wanted to knit something for the swap, but at first i couldn't think of anything. I knit a hat, but i just knew there was something else i was meant to be knitting. Then i found the mock cable and the mock cable rib. Thank you, Wise Hilda. As i looked at it, i thought, "Huh. In red, that would totally look like licorice." Light bulb.

I tweaked the mock cable rib until i thought it looked just right and made a pair of fingerless mitts... or wristwarmers, or armwarmers, or whatever you want to call them.

Since then, i've used some of the yarn (Red Heart Super Saver, by the way) to knit a market bag. Which, until last night, had been sitting and waiting for me to finish the border for.ev.er. The border took all of 5 minutes, so why didn't i just do it after i finished the rest of the bag? I don't know.

But i really just wanted to knit another pair of those mitts. I finally did this weekend.

They're completely knit in a rib stitch, so they've got stretch to them, but the mock cable keeps them nice and snug.

By the way, WeeWee just woke up from her nap, and she said if she could read... she would want to read this post. My niece has good taste.

P.S. It should be noted that i added 6 rows to this pair to make them a bit longer... and lengthwise, they fit perfectly in the Red Vines packaging. Completely coincidental, but let's just pretend i knew exactly what i was doing.


  1. You are amazing. And those cookies are delish. WeeWee is also a very smart one to want to read your post. I will learn my blogging ways from you.

  2. These are so cute and the pictures are really fun!! Your mitts look delicious :).