17 February 2012

The 17th of February

February 17 is not a day i'm particularly fond of. For a purely selfish reason. Two years ago, my cousin went to be with the Lord. While i am very happy she is no longer burdened by the pain she endured her entire life, i question why she had to live with all that pain; why she had to leave us so early.

Everybody has those memories that maybe wouldn't make it into a top ten list, but it's a memory you will always cherish just the same.

I don't remember how old i was. I don't remember the year. I don't even remember where we were. I just remember it was morning, and Kierstin was pouring herself a cup of coffee. She was so much older and more mature than i was. I asked her what coffee tasted like, and she handed me her mug. She told me to try it.

I knew i would never drink coffee again.

Things have changed since then. I'm older, and i've actually developed a taste for the bitter stuff. I don't make coffee everyday, but every so often i'll pull out the ol' coffee maker.

Well, imagine my surprise this morning when i read today is National Cafe au Lait Day. Yep. It's a thing. And it's today, of all days.

Meet Coach Gordon Bombay. Gordon, for short.
I have a tattoo as a memorial to Kierstin--a lover of ducks, and i think about her everyday. And today, i had to make myself some coffee. Not only to celebrate this food holiday (man, who doesn't love a good food holiday?), but to feel a little closer to Kierstin and remember that morning so many years ago when she made me try coffee for the first time.

And yeah, maybe i cried over a cup of coffee. Try telling me you wouldn't do the same.


  1. awww sweetie! it is just lovely the way you celebrate your loved one. brought tears to my eyes. and what a perfect food holiday to fit your memory <3

  2. I think it's these kind of memories that are the most important to cherish and celebrate. I hope the coffee warmed your heart a bit on this day.