14 March 2012

Happy Pi Day! And Snakes Falling Down

I was making pizza yesterday when i realized what a fool i was... I should have waited and made pizza today! When i told my mom of my foolishness (she didn't care), she reminded me we would be going out to dinner tonight, so making pizza last night was okay.

Besides. Leftover homemade pizza for lunch today still counts.

Aside from the pizza pie, i still wanted to make a real pie. A desserty pie. We have a bunch of fuji apples on the table, and i easily could have made an apple pie (the greatest of all desserty pies), but fujis are my favorite. And i didn't want to waste the delicious fruit on a pie. (Not that they would have been wasted, but... they're just so good on their own.)

So, i googled "pi day recipes" for inspiration and found a maple pecan pie recipe from Baking Bites. I remember hearing once as a kid that pecan pie is my aunt's favorite, but i've never had it. I love pecans. I love sugar. And pie crust can be quite tasty. Why have i never tried it? I don't know. When i saw "maple pecan", there was no doubt in my mind that this was the Pi Day pie for 2012.

Who cares that i should be eating healthy foods? Who cares that i actually worked out yesterday and my core is screaming at me today? And who cares that pure maple syrup and pecans are super expensive? Today is for pie. Today is for maple pecan pie.

My mom always makes her pie crust in the Kitchen Aid. So, when i'm forced to make pie crust (pie crust and i do not always get along), i make it in the Kitchen Aid. It's just how we do it. But today, i used my hands. And it was glorious. And the crust stayed together just beautifully. I had no trouble moving the crust to the pie plate. It was just... amazing.
I appreciate you, beautiful pie crust.

Then i toasted the pecans. And i think i want to toast pecans everyday. I want to smell toasted pecans every single day until i die.

When i put the pie together, it just looked... so pretty.

So pretty in the oven.
As i'm typing about this glorious pie, my brothers snakes are just past this wall, being super creepy and disgusting. Every couple minutes, one of them falls. It's loud. Sometimes, when i'm home alone, one of them will fall... And it scares the crap out of me.

And why does he fall? Snakes are strong as hell. Right this second, he is on the ceiling of his cage. How can he keep himself on the ceiling, yet when he's just chilling on his stick, he falls off?

You creep me out, snakeface.

It might look like somebody threw up in a pie crust, but it's still somehow so pretty.

A very successful Pi Day.


  1. ooooooh! myyyyyy! gooodnesssssss!
    pecan pie is my favorite! i can NOT believe you had never had it. i once spent $35 on a pecan pie... best pie of my life, worth every cent!
    congrats on the beautiful crust! you mad emy tummy rumble with jealousy

    1. I know! It's shameful... I'm ashamed. Now that i've tried it, there's no looking back. So good.

  2. How have you gone so far through life without a bit of pecan pie??! :)

    Looks like you made a delicious one!! Yummmers!