22 March 2012

Green Bows

I've been working on things everyday, but have i taken the time to photograph any of it? No.

Well, that is, until a few minutes ago.

For St. Patrick's Day, i knit myself a green bow headband. Green bow(tie)s are kind of my thing. Also, saying something is "kind of my thing" is kind of my thing. Then i crocheted a couple for my nieces. When they came over, Poopy was really excited to wear hers. WeeWee, however, was offended that i even made her one.
I wish i liked knitting i-cord more than i do.

That's fine. I'm used to that.

Yesterday, Poopy came home from school and told me a little story about her day. She had worn the headband to school and apparently everybody was asking who'd made it for her. So she told them. "Poopy made it for me. My aunt Poopy."

I can't even tell you how proud i am.

I dread the day she becomes too old for Poopy. (It won't stop me, but it will make me sad.)

Oh, and i almost forgot! She came home with a present for me! She got a prize for being good in class, and she chose this for me. I. Love. It. And her. A lot.

Here's what i've been working on today.
I'm excited to get these things finished and in the new etsy as soon as possible.

Don't you just love teal? I do.


  1. Wish I had a green bow for St. Patty's day! Jealous of your needle wielding skills!

  2. a green bow headband? why didn't I think of that. I always fail on March 17th.

  3. how sweet! i love the bows but i especially love how adorable the stories of your nieces are. they are lucky to have you <3