07 June 2012

Texas, Spring/Summer 2012

Hello, friends. I'm sure you've missed me so these past weeks.

I'm typing this on my sister's couch in Fort Hood, TX. The past couple days have been in the mid to upper 70s... and that's cold. Compared to the usual 90s, "feels like" 100s. Thank God for air conditioning, am i right?

I've been crocheting every day. I spent most of my flights crocheting. I spend most of my days crocheting. I only have cotton yarn with me, and every ball just keeps getting smaller as i churn out cozies. I'm pretty sure i won't run out, though. Why would i say that, you don't ask? Because i've definitely been overworking my thumb. If you were to look at my hands, you would gasp and ask what's wrong with the freak right hand. The muscles around my thumb are ridiculous.

One of my favorite things about Texas, is how often the sky looks like it's on fire. The sky here is beautiful. There are no mountains to get in the way of the clouds, so they're always fluffy and happy (except days like today when the entire sky is grey). But the storms do add extra fire looks to the sky. Did that even make sense? Probably not.

Oh, and Draw Something. Lots of Draw Something.

They're not amazing, but they get the job done.

We were at Walmart last week, when the Auntie Anne's girl stopped to give me a sample. She saw my cozy and asked if i sell them. I said yes. She asked for a card. Blargh! I have cards for the old etsy, but i still don't have a logo, so i do not have any for the new shop. I had to give her an old one and hoped she would email me. She hasn't.

I decided to go ahead and make my own cards. Super professional like.

When i'm in the mood to keep an eye on a pathetic, furry pup, i let Stryker inside to hang out with me. This morning, he was outside in the rain, so i grabbed a towel and picked him up. I tried to put him in his cage just to dry off before i let him wander around the house. He bent himself in half and got away. I chased the wet dog for about 5 minutes before i tricked him into believing i wasn't annoyed and he rolled over so i could pick him up like a baby. He's seriously so pathetic.

Pathetic Stryker cowering from the mean lady.

But the most exciting thing of this whole trip? Finally feeling my future nephew move. Baby Dunkaroo Big Bird Nitro Jack Bowtie Shlomo Ephraim.

I'm trying to help them pick a name, but i'm sure they won't choose any of my suggestions.

I need to stop taking such long blog breaks so i don't end up posting novels each time i log on...


  1. You are such a talented artist! Your draw something posts are so much better than anything my fat fingers have ever attempted!

    You're missing rainy cold weather in Seattle :(.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  2. been in triple digits for a few weeks in my corner of TX but we dont have the icky humidity. i can only imagine how your fingers look lol! i can barely take the stress it takes to practice stitches let alone to actually crochet something. you are so awesome at what you do
    have fun! keep us posted on baby-tons-of-names =P

  3. That's crazy! I was in Texas while you were in Texas! :P