28 June 2012


When i ask my nieces what they would like for lunch, instead of "sandwiches" or "pizza", WeeWee will usually look at me with a lightbulb expression and say, "Oh! I know! We could have a picnic!"

Yes. We could.

But that doesn't answer my question.

On the 20th, the first day of summer, i was lucky enough to be watching to be hanging out with WeeWee. She had an "aha" moment and suggested a picnic. Luckily, it was the perfect summer day, and we headed out to the driveway for a picnic. (We had just laid grass seed in the front yard, and i just couldn't be bothered to take everything aaaallll the way to the backyard.)

But we had sandwiches, popcorn, and lemonade, so all was well.

When i asked Poopy and WeeWee what we should eat for lunch today, WeeWee had another "aha" moment, and we planned for another picnic. We decided on sandwiches and applesauce, but when i remembered we had leftover homemade pizza from last night (bbq chicken, nice), we decided on small pieces of pizza and half sandwiches.

And lemonade. Doi.

This was a super boring post, huh? Sorry about that. But here's WeeWee to make things more interesting.

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And now, here'spoopy.mvjfbuhthgghghighhrighih5ghfh48gh85ttugu86tygh6yh76y5yt75yt6yt75yt75yt7ty57ty57ty5ty57y57ty7ty7yt7ty57y7yo

And now a collage.

Okay, now i'm done.

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